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Customer Order

Use this form to submit sizing information for your custom jacket order.

As you may know, all Jackets custom garments are a guaranteed fit, therefore measurements must be consistent with our pattern departments needs. The production date of your suit is reliant upon the accuracy of your measurements. This tool will help you get it right the first time to avoid any delays in the receipt of your garment.

Refer to the diagrams above to help you take these measurements.
1 Neck *  
Around neck, just below adam's apple.
2 Upper Chest *  
Across front only, from arm/chest crease to arm/chest crease (or where arm contacts chest), about 3" below base of neck.
3 Chest *  
Around fullest part with the tape high up under arms with arms at sides (for women, around fullest part of bust.)
4 Waist *  
At navel  make sure your tape is parallel to the floor.
5 Beltline *  
Around body at top of pants waistband, but not over the belt.
6 Hips *  
Around fullest part, parallel to floor, about 7" below waist line.
7 Waist to Hips *  
From waist (move tape slide buckle along elastic belt to point shown in figure 3) down outseam to point where #24 was taken.
8 Waist to Neck, front * 
From the waist at navel (move tape slide buckle along elastic belt to point shown in figure 1) to the top of the rib cage.
9 Neck to Beltline, front *  
From top of the rib cage to top of pants (waistband.)
6A Desired jacket length in front *
(looking in a mirror) From the top of the rib cage.
8A Desired jacket length in back *
From nape of neck.
24A Circumference around jacket length points *
10 Across Shoulders * 
Straight across from shoulder bone to shoulder bone
11 Sleeve Length *
From one shoulder bone (same as #10) to center of wrist bone with arm by side
12 Nape of Neck to Wrist * 
Place fist in front of chest keeping arm parallel to floor.  Take measurement from base of neck (where the vertebrae protrudes from the spine) around bent elbow to wrist bone.
13 Wrist to Inner Elbow *
Bend arm, find crease, measure from crease line to center of wrist bone with arm straight down.
14 Bicep *
With muscle flexed, around widest part.
15 Forearm *
With muscle flexed, around widest part, about 2" down from elbow crease.
16 Wrist *
Around wrist bone at center of wrist.
40 Circumference underneath bust (women only)
41 Circumference widest around bust (women only)
42 Circumference above bust (women only) 
43 Neck to widest part of bust (women only)   (Figure 8.)
44 Apex to Apex (women only)
45 Waist front to waist back (women only)
JACKET STYLE (as shown in catalogue) Style No:
A Complete Name *
B Height *
C Weight *
D Sex *
E Address *
F City *
G Sate *
I Country *
J Phone *
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L E-mail *

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Please print out or write down these measurements before submitting this form.
You will need this information when communicating with us about your custom jacket order. Thanks!